Fixed Asset Management

Axis Real Estate has a Fixed Asset Management Solutions (FAMS) division whose purpose is to provide tagging of assets using anodized aluminum barcodes. If assets that are no longer in service are not properly disposed of in the accounting records, it is highly likely that a client would be paying insurance premiums for them.

The Axis Real Estate’s FAMS team assists our clients in establishing the best practices for fixed asset management. These best practices help clients seek out potential savings in fixed assets base and bringing about savings in time and resource utilization.We offer the following services:

  • Establishing an accurate baseline of fixed assets
  • Labeling all assets with Bar Code based asset tags
  • Establishing an asset register that is fully reconciled with the client’s financial data - matching the asset book values with the assets on the ground
  • Implementing our award winning range of software solutions for financial reporting and asset tracking